Vijesh Patel
/    Partner

Vijesh has been conducting executive searches for more than 16 years with expertise in general counsel and chief legal officer searches.  He has an extensive network across EMEA and APAC, with a knowledge base that has enabled him to make impactful hires.

Vijesh has spent time on the ground in Europe and Asia—four years in India and then two years in Hong Kong and Singapore.  His time in Asia was largely spent supporting clients with newly created/first time general counsel roles as well as senior appointments within compliance as well as public, government and external affairs.  He has an illustrious track record working with organizations in both private and public sectors.

Since 2011, he has focused on DE&I and has successfully helped clients move the needle across EMEA and APAC.  In 2019, he hosted the highest profile DE&I seminar in London for the senior legal community.

Outside of work, Vijesh was a board advisor for a legal tech business in South Africa from 2019-2022.  He graduated from the University of Hull with a Bachelor of Arts in american studies and history, which included a year at the University of North Carolina, Greensboro.

Huge lover of film
International foodie
Avid traveler to remote and unusual destinations
Since 2020 he took up running for the first time and is expecting to participate in the London Marathon 2022