asset class expertise

Venture capital-backed, PE-backed, and public companies each have a unique set of circumstances and stakeholders.  We have deep experience placing executives and other strategic hires at companies in each asset class.

PE / Growth

Not only can we tap into the ecosystem of disruptive companies, but we understand the operational rigor and financial discipline needed to help companies perform and deliver. Our team also provides pre-deal talent mapping to give you the confidence to move forward.


Public companies often need to jump start innovating as disruptive competitors consistently emerge. With our fast, nimble process, we help public companies stay ahead by accessing our deep network of builders and entrepreneurs.  


Venture-backed companies are under immense pressure to produce results. We have a long track record of successfully working with these companies and the top tier VCs who finance them to ensure the right talent is in place to help grow these companies. From Series A to high growth, we understand the nuances of placing talent that complements both the founder and the investor, and the culture needs of the company.