Nali Byrd
/    Senior Associate

Nali is a senior associate in True’s EdTech practice and based in New York.

Prior to joining True, Nali worked at AlphaSights, a leading knowledge-on-demand platform.  In her time there, Nali had ownership over four top tier global private equity accounts and managed a team of four direct reports.  She also participated in the Knowledge For Good program which allowed her to partner with nonprofit firms that focused on pioneering micro-finance and fintech to aid in social impact investment projects across Africa.

Nali graduated from Colgate University in 2019.  She created her own major within the social sciences, which focused on the public education system for students from underrepresented groups across the United States.

Soon to be a Sphynx cat owner
Potentially the worlds biggest Taco Bell fan
Currently has three foster siblings
Trying to learn Sinhala to know her family gossip!