The Modern PE CFO Playbook
Published March 20, 2023


The Modern PE CFO Playbook

The five differentiators of high-performing private equity CFOs

CFOs at private equity companies face a unique challenge.  They’re tasked with all the immense responsibilities of a traditional CFO.  But they also have to excel in the PE environment in order to realize the company’s full value in the market upon exit. Rising expectations of transparency and operational influence from PE sponsors make the job even more demanding.  The difficulty of these demands has made competition especially fierce for CFOs with this emerging skill set.

It’s those challenges that led to the creation of this white paper, The Modern PE CFO Playbook.  Leaders from True’s Private Equity and Financial Officers Practices set out to define what great looks like for the modern PE CFO. 

In this report you’ll find a unifying framework that:

  • Identifies the five common challenges PE firms face

  • Defines the five key differentiators great PE CFOs demonstrate to meet those challenges

  • Provides a checklist of action items for CFOs and PE firms

We hope this research helps:

  • Private equity sponsors and CEOs to calibrate their needs and improve their CFO assessment framework

  • Current or aspiring CFOs understand how to maximize performance in their current roles

  • CEOs understand how to leverage their CFO and finance function to optimize results

Click here to download the report for more on each of these 5 key differentiators and to access our leadership framework for CFO success at a PE portfolio company.

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