Andy Towne
/    Partner, co-Head of the Climate Tech Practice

Andy is the global co-head of True’s Climate Tech practice.  He is a pioneer in climate technology and sustainability-focused executive search, founding Hobbs & Towne Inc. in 1997 and leading the firm as managing partner and CEO until acquired by True in December of 2021.  Andy specializes in working with transformational investors, such as BlackRock, Breakthrough Energy Ventures, Energy Impact Partners, Oaktree Capital and Quantum Energy Partners, as well as successful growth companies, such as Array Technologies, FlexGen, Impossible Foods, Nexus Circular, Proterra, Shoals Technologies and SOURCE Global, with an emphasis on the energy, industrial, transportation water and food sectors.

Andy has personally completed more than 500 executive searches, over 150 of which have been CEO placements.  He has partnered with many of the premier investors around the world to build top-tier investment teams and leadership teams for transformative companies.  Having executed many of the most critical mandates in climate and sustainability, Andy has developed a massive network with the most impactful investors, innovative technologists and successful, market-changing, growth executives.

Andy is married with three children, one baby granddaughter and has a Bachelor of Sciences degree from Rutgers University.

Earned a full scholarship to Rutgers to play football
Enjoys spending time with his wife and three grown children
Serves as a board observer for high beauty in Santa Rosa, California