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Mastering the Art of Hiring with Pete Clarke and Paula Judge of Accel
Published July 06, 2023

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Great executives join companies because of the founders. And the best founders are the ones who know who to hire.

That’s according to Peter Clarke at Accel. He and colleague Paula Judge sat down for a conversation with True Builders host Josh Withers about hiring and retaining top talent.

People don't join venture-backed, privately-held small companies because they like the security and the safety and the big compensation packages. They join because of the founder.

According to Peter, founders should executives with skills that are complementary (not identical) to theirs. That ensures that the founder doesn’t end up micromanaging tasks, and that the talent and ideas within your company are diversified.

But that talent may not always be easy to attract.

“Good talent is always in demand,” Paula told Josh, “and always typically a little tough to get to.” That means companies and candidates need to be diligent and make sure they’re pursuing the best opportunities for both parties. 

Listen to “Mastering the Art of Hiring with Pete Clarke and Paula Judge of Accel” on Apple, Spotify and Google.