global reach

Variations in culture, teams and performance heavily influence the hiring decisions; our team thinks and acts globally. From five continents and 20 offices around the world, True's search professionals bring both a macro and micro view that elevates the search process.

North America

From Silicon Valley to the regions it inspires - east coast, west coast and cities in between - we are where innovation is happening. This increasingly diverse landscape requires an expert team who understands the unique dynamics of each talent market across a range of asset classes, commercial sectors and functional disciplines.

Our clients have come to rely on our ability to place high-impact talent that transforms our companies, and we are proud to partner with the most innovative brands pushing their industries, and our world, forward.

With deep expertise relocating high performing executives to key tech hubs throughout Europe and the Middle East, we provide a unique gateway to the global talent market. Our diverse, experienced international team partners with investment firms and B2B and B2C companies across all functions including Chair, NED, CEO, Commercial, Finance, General Management, People, Tech, Product, and Data.

Working with both public and venture-backed tech companies, we are proud to partner with the world’s most dynamic innovators in the world’s flourishing tech regions.


Our search operations in Latin America provide clients access to a network of progressive leadership talent across all commercial areas, functions and asset classes.

There are significant investments from global businesses pouring in the region—notably in Mexico, Brazil and Colombia.  Latin American companies expanding their reach into the area can benefit from True’s global, tech-first offerings.  Our network of innovative clients and top-tier talent can leverage True’s presence in the fast-paced and growing Latin American market.  

Asia is home to more than a third of the world’s unicorn companies. Most of these companies were built quickly and have prospered as a result of the rapidly growing economies across the Asia-Pacific, a region which accounts for over half of the world’s internet users. This pool of digitally native consumers has driven the development of key technology hubs in Singapore, Shenzhen, Bangalore and Shanghai.

Working for clients across Singapore, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Australia, and New Zealand, we help grow APAC’s evolving tech ecosystem, whether it’s a regional launch or a local expansion.


Benelux, encompassing Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg, is ranked among one of the most innovative regions in the world.  The area has had an influx of investment capital in recent years, creating a thriving tech ecosystem.  This growth means an increased demand for world-class talent to ensure those companies can compete and win globally and True is perfectly positioned to help with this need.  Based in Amsterdam, True works with market leaders in the region to place world leading talent.  True partners with local companies expanding globally and International companies looking to establish a base in one of Europe’s leading tech hubs.

Our physical presence in Amsterdam will allow us to continue to be a genuinely global partner to our clients.