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True Builders Podcast Insights from the Track to the Boardroom with Kobie Fuller
Published November 30, 2023

In business, success often seems like an elusive trophy reserved for the few who possess extraordinary vision and unshakable determination. But what if we told you that the road to success in the business arena is not as different from the world of athletics as you might think

Upfront Ventures’ general partner, Kobie Fuller is known for his exceptional vision and determination. He brings a wealth of experience to the table, having been a key player at Accel Partners and chief marketing officer at REVOLVE before joining Upfront Ventures in 2016. Specializing in SaaS, community, and marketing technologies, with a keen eye on emerging sectors like VR and AR, Kobie's early investment in Oculus, later acquired by Facebook for $2 billion, showcases his foresight. With a background in founding OpenView Venture Partners, where he invested in companies like Exact Target and Instructure, Kobie's track record is nothing short of impressive.

In our conversation, we delve into his experiences as an investor exploring the keys to building successful businesses. From emphasizing the importance of health and wellness to discussing the concept of neutral thinking, we unravel the fabric of successful companies. Our conversation extends to the transformative impact of AI, the potential for disruption in the software industry, and the significance of being a mission-driven founder. We touch upon venture capital, the burgeoning entrepreneurship hub in the LA region, and the awe-inspiring perspective of seeing Earth from space. In the realm of success, Kobie Fuller stands as our adept guide, leading us to the coveted trophy of accomplishment.

Notable Quotes

  • “I'm excited about how AI and infrastructure layered on top of traditional enterprise software can fundamentally change the game with regards to how we interact with computers and access information.” - Kobie [22:14]

  • “If there is a company that I can work with that is trying to solve some major problem that affects society and if they succeed, it'll make the world a better place, that's kind of what you wake up and you hope that you can have the privilege of being a part of a journey like that.” - Kobie [29:11]

  • “It's all a matter of rising to the occasion around us, battling through and finding the right partners, the right investors that want to go on a mission with you.” - Kobie [41:24]

Our Guest

Kobie Fuller

Kobie Fuller, a distinguished general partner at Upfront Ventures, brings his expertise to the forefront in SaaS, marketing technologies, and VR/AR. A Harvard graduate and former chief marketing officer of REVOLVE, Kobie's foresight is evident in his role as an early investor in Oculus. His diverse skill set and strategic vision make him a notable figure in the venture capital landscape.

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