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Maximizing Customer Engagement and Efficiency with Kevin Jones
Published September 28, 2023

Our interview with Kevin Jones, CEO of Calabrio.

In a world where consumers are more empowered and discerning than ever before, fostering meaningful connections with customers has become non-negotiable.

In this episode, we are excited to be joined by Kevin Jones, the Chief Executive Officer at Calabrio. Kevin is no stranger to the technology services industry. With an impressive portfolio that includes roles at Rackspace, Dell, HP, and Herbalife, Kevin brings a wealth of experience to his current role at Calabrio. He joined the company seven months ago, eager to leverage his cloud and software experience. Calabrio operates on a true cloud-based SaaS model, providing contact center software that is revolutionizing the industry. Kevin's previous experience running contact centers gives him a unique perspective, allowing him to relate to their customers on a deeper level.

During our conversation with Kevin, we discuss Calabrio's work in maximizing customer engagement and efficiency in contact centers, as well as Kevin's insights on the customer service industry. We delve into the potential of AI in call summarization, benchmarking, and automated call scoring. Kevin emphasizes the importance of prioritizing customers and the role of automation and AI in driving efficiency and revenue growth. We also touch on the challenges and transformations in business, the importance of customer focus, and the benefits of remote work. Kevin shares his experiences managing through pandemics and offers advice on succession planning, mentoring, and execution to strategy. He highlights the importance of maintaining an entrepreneurial culture while adding discipline and accountability during scaling. Kevin also discusses personal failings and the importance of creating an environment where people feel comfortable expressing their opinions and engaging in debates.

In This Episode

  • [00:01:14] Kevin’s new role at Calabrio

  • [00:03:10] Exciting opportunities with AI integration

  • [00:07:14] Balancing automation and customer focus

  • [00:08:11] The importance of customer focus

  • [00:09:03] Automation and its benefits for customers

  • [00:10:00] Lessons learned in facing business challenges

  • [00:15:44] The importance of prioritization and focus

  • [00:18:12] Learning from past experiences and adapting to change

  • [00:20:55] Hybrid and remote work in the post-pandemic world

  • [00:22:56] Performance mentoring and career mentoring

  • [00:24:00] Execution to strategy

  • [00:27:33] Cultural shifts and scaling

  • [00:30:38] The importance of open communication

  • [00:32:27] Recovering from missteps and embracing challenges

  • [00:34:14] Continuous self-assessment and personal development

Our Guest

Kevin Jones

Kevin Jones is the CEO of Calabrio, a true-cloud workforce performance company, boasting 30+ years in technology. Former Rackspace CEO, he led growth from $2B to $3B annual revenue, prioritizing engagement, diversity, and culture. Holds a BBA and CMA, sits on Rackspace, Herbalife, and CareerBuilder boards.

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