Digital Fashion: Seizing the Market Opportunity in 2023 & Beyond
Published September 27, 2023

We are thrilled to present this collaborative effort between True Search and the British Fashion Council.

Digital Fashion: Seizing the Market Opportunity in 2023 & Beyond is a comprehensive report dedicated to the dynamic world of digital fashion.

Through interviews with BFC patrons, designers, international brands, and innovators, this report provides an action plan for businesses looking to enter this space.

Read the report here.

We asked all our contributors what advice they would offer up-and-coming brands considering building their first digital offering. Five key themes emerged:

Incorporate Digital Design Practices

Emerging digital prototyping and design tools improve the sustainability, efficiency and quality of physical production and free designers to think beyond the limits of the physical world.  

Use Digital Fashion as a Forum to Test,
Learn and Iterate

Digital fashion offers a space for experimentation with relatively low barriers of entry and low risk. Stay agile, assess resonance, adjust, and adapt your strategy accordingly. There is no playbook, no right or wrong answer: Find out what works for you!

Find Your Community

Learn about the various virtual environments and the communities that frequent them. You will be able to build better, more loyal brand followings and an engaged digital community by designing with native creators and keeping the capabilities of these specific platforms in mind.

Crowdsource Creativity

Use the disintermediated relationship between creator and consumer that digital fashion provides to crowdsource ideas from your communities for design, merchandising and branding decisions. Give your communities the ability to make decisions on what is produced and when.

Invest in Talent Today

See digital fashion as a future revenue driver for your business. Partner with, hire and upskill talent in order to capture this opportunity. Build your capabilities to capture and utilise the data and insights on your customer base that the medium provides.