Fast Company
Jopwell Co-Founder Porter Braswell: “The top five things I’ve learned from being a Black founder.”
Published May 22, 2023

Jopwell co-founder & Executive Chairman Porter Braswell shared his experiences and knowledge as a Black founder in a recent article for Fast Company titled, “The top five things I’ve learned from being a Black founder.”

In the article, Porter announced Jopwell’s acquisition by True–a partnership that will help Jopwell scale their mission of career advancement for Black, Latinx, and Native American students and professionals. He also discussed the difficulties he and CEO & co-founder Ryan Williams ’s faced being a Black founder and the barriers he had to overcome.

“When Ryan and I first started on our path to founding Jopwell, we were totally blind to all these obstacles and statistics. Frankly, if we’d been wiser to them, I’m not sure we would have taken the leap of faith to build this business.”

“In this environment, it’s crucial we tell stories about Black entrepreneurship: our successes, our failures, our ambitions, and our lessons learned,” Porter said.

Read more below about the lessons Porter has learned since starting Jopwell 8 years ago: