World Economic Forum
Jopwell’s Porter Braswell at the World Economic Forum
Published May 02, 2023

Executive Chairman of Jopwell Porter Braswell gave remarks during the Gender Parity session at the 2023 World Economic Forum.

The WEF also featured Porter in an article on how to implement racial and ethnic equity in the corporate space. 

Cultivating career development

Porter told WEF that companies need to focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion practices in order to create a strong and inclusive workforce. AI-powered tools, employee resource groups, mentorship and sponsorship programs, and transparency and accountability measures can help create long-term strategies.

AI-powered tools can be useful throughout all stages of recruiting, according to Porter. They can help companies edit their job postings to guarantee they’re using balanced, gender-neutral language. They can remove biases from recruitment and assessments and score candidates on soft skills, allowing for fair evaluation.

Employee resource groups (or ERGs) offer equitable opportunities for professional development and leadership roles. Mentorship and sponsorship programs provide guidance and advocacy, especially for underrepresented groups.

But what’s most important, Porter said, is transparency and accountability at a company–to employees, stakeholders, and the public.

Financial investment in DEI shows companies' commitment, but it's critical to implement these practices to create a more diverse, supported, and engaged workforce, given high turnover rates for people of color in today's job market.

Read more of Porter’s thoughts here: