Cosmetic Executive Women
Shella Abe on How to Negotiate an Offer
Published January 24, 2023
How to Negotiate a Job Offer Like a Pro—at Any Career Level—with Top Beauty Industry Recruiter Shella Abe

As co-Founder and co-Head of the Consumer practice, Shella Abe has deep experience helping executives land and negotiate their salary and role at incredible companies. She has been instrumental in building the Beauty, Fashion, and Lifestyle vertical at True into the powerhouse it is today. That’s why Cosmetic Executive Women asked her to think about how the same advice she gives executives can also help professionals at any point in their career navigate their job offers.

Shella offered 9 tips on how anyone can negotiate and accept a job offer “like a pro.”

1. Know your worth in the market.

2. Research what similar jobs at your level currently pay.

3. Ask how many days per week you’ll be expected to work in the office.

4. Take the time to do your due diligence on the initial offer.

5. That said, don’t linger too long on responding.

6. Be thoughtful and show integrity.

7. Put all your negotiation requests into one email.

8. Know when to stop pushing.

9. If you’re at the executive level, consider hiring an attorney to review your offer.

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