Jennifer DeCastro Featured on List of Top Creator Economy Recruiters
Published February 08, 2023
  • Partner Jennifer DeCastro was featured on Insider’s list of top 8 recruiters in the creator economy space.

  • The creator economy is a system in which influencers use software to earn money from their content (like TikTok, Patreon and Substack).

Jennifer DeCastro was featured on Insider’s list of recruiters placing top talent in the creator economy.

In this coming year, Jennifer expects to see more companies that aren’t a part of that creator economy (like health and wellness brands) hire talent and even make new roles for creators. She also spoke about the demand for senior talent that knows how to scale and monetize consumer brands.

"There's a big push for talent that understands the intersection of commercial growth and content innovation," Jennifer told Insider. She added that candidates with experience in those areas are in high demand from True clients for roles like revenue, creative, or marketing chiefs.

Jennifer added that the clients she’s spoken to are optimistic about the current market, and see today’s conditions as an opportunity to "take advantage of the great talent" at the C-level that may have not been accessible to them before. She’s seen executives new to the job market "land pretty quickly."

"These are people that are high performers … that are very innovative, that are extremely competent.”

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