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True Insight: Key Takeaways from 2022
Published November 29, 2022

2022 was a year like no other.  It started with a “Talent Crunch” and a “Great Resignation,” and ended in an uncertain economy where both executives and companies learned to move with more caution and conduct an “Opportunity Audit” before hiring.

Our expert recruiters helped candidates make career switches into mission-driven climate technologies; helped executives make the jump to more flexible, short-term roles; and advised clients on how to draw on company strengths to improve diversity, equity and inclusionSoftware companies started talking about product inclusion and how to bring their business models more inline with customer needs.

We hope you find some True Insight to take with you into the next year.

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True Insights From 2022:

February: Calling all Climate Heroes

Climate Tech is having its moment, not a moment too late. The talk about climate change can be bleak, but talk to Climate Tech practice co-leads Andy Towne and Bobby Hobbs for three minutes and you’ll be energized with optimism.  The world’s future is bright, because the momentum behind the creative solutions to sustain our planet is finally here.

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April: The Software Switch

Not a day goes by without someone asking veteran SaaS recruiter Pat Haggerty some version of this question: ‘Do you have anyone with experience in usage-based pricing and product-led growth?’  B2B SaaS companies are increasingly abandoning the traditional subscription model in favor of usage-based pricing models, where the customer’s product utilization directly influences how much they pay.

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June: A Fractional Future

Fractional and interim opportunities are gaining traction.  The seismic changes companies and workers underwent during the pandemic have shifted priorities and opened minds to new, more flexible ways of working.

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September: Opportunity Audit

Executives and companies are proceeding with more caution when it comes to hiring these days.  Competition for top talent remains hot, but the uncertain economy has brought the hiring process back to reality after record activity last year.   Companies are finding themselves “under audit” in interviews, having to prove to candidates they’re built to weather the storm.

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October: Build DE&I into the DNA

Innovative.  Data-driven.  Product-focused.   Remote.  These qualities often define successful technology companies.  They’re also strengths companies should lean into as they work to build diverse, equitable and inclusive workplaces and products.

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December: Partner Predictions

Our recruiters have an insider's perspective on where their industries are headed based on executive hiring trends and role expectations.  To tap into that knowledge, we gathered a global focus group of True partners from across industries.  They reflect on 2022 and place their bets on what 2023 will look like for executive talent.
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