True Builders podcast
Be a Builder, Not a Renter
Published May 18, 2023

Do you love every aspect of your career? Or just most of what you do?

Whether you’re a founder, a CEO, a C-suite executive, or aspiring to be any of the above: Our latest True Builders host Doug Merritt, Former CEO at Splunk, says the secret to success is finding the right amount of joy in what you do. Your daily calendar log might not be filled with 100% of the tasks you enjoy–but it’s all about finding that balance.

"There's no job, there's nothing in life, where it's gonna be 100% what you'd love to do... having the calendar discipline and management to make sure that whatever job you're in, CEO or non CEO, that you're hitting that 60, 70, 80 percent–this is, the things I naturally would want to do…” Doug told host Josh Withers. “For me, as a CEO, what I've learned is, I truly love the defining strategy, evangelizing with customers, hiring and mentoring employees, sitting through product review cycles, and helping with the product roadmap, like all that strategy and creative process and iteration and optimization is my 70, 80% joy."

Doug also shared on the podcast the critical lessons he’s learned navigating a career as a leader in the tech world, and:

  • What drove him to want to be a CEO

  • The realities of life as a leader

  • How your organization can learn together

  • The “Duocracy” at Splunk

  • Remote work

  • Helping people with the “why” and how to grow their own careers through the business’ goals.

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