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The View From Both Sides of the Investor Table
Published May 04, 2023

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It’s on the minds of every executive leading a company right now. It’s probably at the top of your LinkedIn feed. Remote work, hybrid work models, return to office… it seems like every company and every leader has got a convincing opinion on the right way to go.

When Keri Gohman took over as CEO at CARET, she asked 100 people across her business if they’d like to come back to the office. As she told True Builders host Josh Withers, all 100 of those people said no. According to Keri, a remote-first policy forces a company to get smart about operational basics.

“You’re leaving the operating of your company to chance encounters by the watercooler? The reality is that’s never been a good way to run the company. We run on fundamentals and being remote has forced us to be better on fundamentals.”

Keri has been both the founder behind the pitch and the investor on the other side of the table at Bain Capital. She also spoke to Josh about common missteps founders make when dealing with investors.

Keri also shared her expertise on:

  • How to get that first CEO role or board of director seat.

  • Why people will try to push your career in certain directions, but you have to get clear about where you’re headed.

  • The importance of seizing every opportunity you can.

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