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Unlocking Success in the U.S.: Learn from These 5 Mistakes in International Growth
Published February 22, 2024

A Guide to Overcoming 5 Common U.S. Expansion Errors

International growth indicates your products and services are successful enough to earn global demand.  But global expansion, particularly into the U.S., comes with its own set of unique challenges that can baffle even the best companies.

Stijn Van De Laar is a True Search partner who works with international organisations and some of Benelux’s most exciting growth companies and established consumer brands to provide talent acquisition and advisory services.  He’s an expert in helping companies find the talent they need when they are ready to move into the U.S. market from Benelux.

He shares the top five reasons businesses fail to achieve projected success when expanding into the U.S. market: 

Failing to thoroughly understand the U.S. market, including consumer behaviour, cultural nuances, and regional differences, can lead to misguided strategies.  The “melting pot” nature of the U.S. consumer base can be difficult to navigate for businesses coming from countries with highly diversified ethnic populations.

Neglecting to navigate the complex legal and regulatory landscape in the U.S. can result in compliance issues, impacting your business operations and reputation. 

Not adapting marketing campaigns, product offerings, and communication styles to resonate with the American audience can hinder acceptance and success.

Overlooking the competitive landscape and assuming that what works in other markets will automatically succeed in the U.S. can lead to fierce competition and market share challenges.

Many businesses fail to build a strong local team with an understanding of U.S. business practices and culture.  Failing to identify, recruit, and retain skilled professionals can impede growth and innovation.  A strategic talent management approach should be at the core of your expansion plans.  Ignoring this crucial aspect may hinder your ability to navigate the complexities of the U.S. market effectively.  Prioritise talent to unlock the full potential of your expansion journey.