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The Power of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Workplace with Porter Braswell
Published November 01, 2023

In a world where discussions about diversity, equity, and inclusion have taken center stage: How can we move beyond symbolic gestures to create workplaces where everyone genuinely feels valued?  Businesses now realize that building a diverse workforce isn't just a moral obligation; it's a strategic game-changer.

Porter Braswell is co-founder and executive chairman of Jopwell, dedicated to helping organizations recruit and hire underrepresented talent while effectively engaging with diverse communities of color.  Jopwell recently became part of the True Platform through acquisition.  Porter also spearheads a members-only network as the founder and CEO of 2045 Studio, connecting influential professionals of color with corporations, and forging pathways for enhanced employee belonging, retention, and career advancement. 

Our conversation with Porter covers the significance of DEI in the workplace, the complexities of diversity recruiting, and the need for more efficient approaches.  Porter emphasizes the need for a for-profit approach to diversity solutions and shares his perspective on the term “diversity.”  We also delve into the challenges faced by employees of color and the importance of open dialogues within corporations.  Our conversation then shifts to the importance of trust and the concept of belonging in the workplace. e examine the delicate balance between a company's mission statement and the perspectives of its employees.  Join us in recognizing the paramount role of trust, clear communication, and actionable steps in nurturing a culture of inclusion and understanding.

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Notable Quotes

  • “A lot of times, companies like to say ‘we have a diversity challenge,’ because that's a lot less painful or potentially awkward than saying ‘we have a lack of representation from the black community’ or ‘we have a lack of representation from the female community.’” - Porter [05:48]

  • “It's on corporations to build cultures and infrastructure so that no matter your background or your ethnicity or whatever, you can feel like you're included in the fabric.” - Porter [08:24]

  • “Equal doesn't have to be equitable, but we're shooting for equitable cultures. It's because we need everybody to have the same chance to succeed and without intervention, the chances are not equal.” - Porter [10:07]

  • “Employees at all different levels just want to feel seen, heard, and valued. It's actually quite simple. And so from a company perspective, you have to create these cultures where people will have those sensations.” - Porter [30:00]

  • “Now's the time to really stand for something as a brand, be a leader, and fully recognize that as a country and as consumers, despite what the loud voices may share, the reality is that the vast majority of people want to know what their brand stands for. They want to know what their employers stand for.” - Porter [45:57] 

Our Guest

Porter Braswell

Porter Braswell is a dynamic leader, serving as co-founder and executive chairman of Jopwell, an HR tech platform facilitating career opportunities for diverse students and professionals. Porter's visionary leadership has propelled Jopwell to establish partnerships with over 400 prestigious American companies, resulting in thousands of meaningful connections within its community. Porter is also the founder and CEO of 2045 Studio, an exclusive network for senior-level  professionals of color.

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