Jennifer DeCastro Featured on Insider's List of Top Media Recruiters
Published June 09, 2022

Partner Jennifer DeCastro was featured on Insider's list of top media recruiters to know post “Great Resignation” and as a possible recession approaches Hollywood.

DeCastro told Insider that in today’s turbulent job market she’s seeing demand for chief marketing officers, chief commercial officers, general managers, and CEOs who "have a heavy commercial growth orientation" and know how to navigate the media landscape during the pandemic. She also said she’s seeing openness to remote hiring on the c-suite level for the first time.

"All of my clients are saying, 'Listen, people can be based on the West Coast or in the Midwest," she told Insider. "It's not specific as much anymore to a location … as long as they are comfortable with and have had experience, either reverse commuting to some degree or managing remotely at the senior level. It completely changes the landscape." 

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