Tory Loeb
/    Senior Associate

Tory is a senior associate in True's Go-to-Market and EdTech practices.  She is based out of San Francisco, CA.

Prior to joining True, Tory was on the sales team at Stripe and spent the four years prior at EdSurge, an edtech news & media company.  At EdSurge, she focused on building their advertising business and jobs platform, which helped companies find talent and reach their target audiences.

Tory holds a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration focused on entrepreneurship with a minor in spanish from Tulane University.  In her free time, Tory enjoys exploring her backyard, the Presidio of San Francisco, with her fox red Labrador. 

Worked for edtech startups in the Bay Area since high school
Coffee brewing enthusiast
Enjoys running a 6th generation family organization including spear-heading 150-people family reunions