Julie Nagler
/    Associate

Julie is a recent graduate of Northeastern University in Boston. During her time at school, she acquired 18 months of recruiting/talent acquisition experience at the Boston Globe, Bluewolf, and Boston Consulting Group respectively. Most recently, she worked remotely for a San Francisco based health start-up called Lifedojo in a Talent Operations role. She is passionate about the talent space and is extremely grateful that a previous colleague at BCG introduced her to the field of executive search.

Julie grew up in Concord, Massachusetts and lived in Boston throughout her time at school but is extremely happy to be in NYC for the foreseeable future. She spent six months in the city during her internship at Bluewolf and knew immediately that she wanted to come back after graduation. In her free time, she loves playing piano and guitar, listening to the Beatles and exploring new cafes. 

She is supporting the consumer team at True.
She has studied Spanish for 10 years and loves testing her conversational abilities by traveling to Spanish-speaking countries.
She is a proud vegetarian and animal lover and she is happy to share her favorite vegetarian recipes with anyone who is interested.
She loves Cape Cod and tries to visit at least once every summer.