Jasmine Lee
/    Associate

Jasmine is an associate within the Healthcare and Life Sciences practices at True.

Jasmine is a born-and-bred Illinoisan, having grown up in the NW burbs, attending the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana, before trekking it out to Chicago to work in tech.  Armed with an english degree and experience writing for entertainment and food publications, she joined the market research world via a B2B software review company.  Her areas of expertise included: health care, construction, agriculture, and real estate.  After almost five years there, she pivoted to content marketing and joined the retail consumer industry, only to realize that search is her true bread and butter, which led her to True.

In her free time, Jasmine likes to cook over fires while camping and communing with nature, analyzing and critiquing pop culture, talk about Keanu Reeves (she has a podcast), perfect homemade pizzas, dabble in expanding her wine and whiskey palettes, and figure her next tattoo design. 

Written for the following publications: MuggleNet, Audrey Magazine, ScreenPrism (now The Take), and Pure Fandom
Co-host of a Keanu Reeves podcast called "The Keanuseurs," which reviews every single movie, TV show, and pop culture nugget Keanu Reeves has appeared as a lens through which his cultural relevance and impact is discussed
Favorite word is "ricochet"