Press Release
True Helps Clients Build Inclusive Boards of Directors with AboveBoard
Published July 21, 2021

AboveBoard’s tech-driven solution for hiring expands True’s talent offerings 

HADDONFIELD, N.J., July 21, 2021 -- True, the fastest-growing global platform of innovative talent management products and services, today announced it will provide all True clients direct access to list board roles on AboveBoard in order to increase diversity at the board level.

AboveBoard is True’s sister company. The inclusive platform for executive hiring is growing representation of Black, Latinx, AAPI, and female professionals on boards and at the C-suite/VP Level. AboveBoard aims to connect leaders that may be outside the traditional hiring networks to the businesses that are looking for more diverse leadership.

“Most companies have struggled to improve executive diversity substantially, even though they know that businesses with diverse leadership outperform their peers,” said Lucinda Duncalfe, AboveBoard Founder and CEO. “Companies need ways to reach beyond their old networks and connect with the incredible leaders that are beyond their reach today. AboveBoard removes barriers and makes those introductions - to everyone’s benefit.”

True is offering the ability for clients to post their board roles on AboveBoard at no additional cost, even if True Search is not running a search for those board openings. True Search already posts all paid, executive role searches to AboveBoard as part of our promise to provide an inclusive search process for every client.

“Giving True clients this access to AboveBoard is just one part of our overarching mission to help companies find and build the next great leaders,” said Brad Stadler, co-CEO and True founder. “We are interested in tangible impact and partnering with our clients to support their business goals—more diversity at the executive level is a goal we all share."

True was founded with the goal of disrupting the search industry by providing innovative and transparent talent solutions, and has built its brand working with tech-enabled, high-growth companies. These VC, PE-backed and public companies are supported by True’s 17 offices in North America, EMEA and APAC.


The True platform is a global suite of products and services driving the intelligence behind talent management. True consists of five business units: True Search, Thrive, Synthesis, AboveBoard and True Equity.

True Search

Global recruitment for board members, c-suite executives, VPs, directors and other strategic talent. We focus on investment firms, their portfolio companies, and public companies seeking transformative growth.


Collaborative, real-time talent relationship management software and information services for search firms, in-house recruiters, and VC/PE firms looking to make better hiring decisions.


A multi-layered approach to leadership assessment and development which combines the evaluation methods of elite military units, executive coaching techniques and agile methodology principles.


A diversity-focused startup bringing unparalleled solutions to the critical need to bring more women and executives of color to leadership roles. With AboveBoard’s two-way platform, members get unique visibility to hundreds of opportunities while companies get access to qualified candidates.

True Equity

True Equity makes direct investments in high growth companies backed by elite venture capital firms.