Jonathan Pomeranz on Breaking into FinTech
Published January 25, 2023
  • FinTechs are re-evaluating spending and hiring

  • They’re focusing on bringing in strong leadership and targeted expertise

  • Those looking for a role in fintech need to figure out what makes them stand out

Jonathan Pomeranz, head of the FinTech practice and co-lead of Financial Services spoke to Insider on hiring in fintech, and how those looking to break into the space can secure a role.

In 2020, VCs and investors poured money into the fintech space. But last year’s market downturn forced fintechs to re-evaluate costs, slowing down spending, and making job cuts.

With these layoffs, fintechs are also bringing in strong leadership, expertise in product-management, and innovators in tech, Business Insider reports.

Jon says those who want to break into fintech should figure out what makes them stand out. It could be an attribute like flexibility, or it could be their expertise, such as technical skills.

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