Kate Vanek on Executive Leadership and Data-Centric Strategy
Published September 19, 2022 profiled Kate Vanek, True’s recently named global COO and CFO, in the CFO Daily newsletter that follows the people shaping the world of corporate finance.

Fortune asked Kate for the qualities that make executives prepared to meet the demands of today’s uncertain economic environment. She said board members, c-suite, and VP talent need “agility, comfort with using a blend of data, common sense, empathy, and an infinite mindset in making decisions.”

Kate told Fortune she’s a good fit for True because “data is critical to everything we do as a firm, and a personal passion of mine is data efficacy.”

“We establish our business strategy and processes then strategically build out our technology and data teams to deliver on those strategies,” she said. “We use several data intelligence platforms, including Salesforce and Domo. Those insights coupled with qualitative and quantitative insights from our clients, candidates, and employees help inform priorities across the business.”

She shared how the data shows opportunities for growth. “One key data point for me is that there is so much market share for us to gain—particularly outside of the U.S.,” Kate said.

“Using market, plus our proprietary data, helps us identify white spaces in the market where we have the skills and experience to play, but just need to map out the right plan to execute,” she explained. “We are able to look at different data sets that educate us on funding rounds and trends to see where capital is flowing, which really helps us prioritize where to best focus.”