Jon Pomeranz Sees FinTechs Shift Recruiting Focus in Tough Market
Published August 01, 2022

The rough market environment is shifting hiring priorities for fintech companies, Jonathan Pomeranz, head of the FinTech practice and co-head of Financial Services practice tells Insider.

Whereas just months ago fintechs were focused on growth, today they are concentrating on revenue, profitability and team morale, he said.

That means companies are less interested in recruiters finding them a chief financial officer with the ability to take a company public, and more interested in hiring “chief operating officers, presidents, heads of product, chief people officers, and heads of finance.”

"I think a lot of the founders, frankly, just need a senior statesman, somebody they can rely on because they're having to deal with a lot more noise in the market," Pomeranz told Insider.

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